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Cedar Valley

Concerned Citizens

Tell your City Council to:

Waterloo City Council Meeting

Monday, March 6, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. 

Waterloo City Hall, 2nd floor, Council Chambers

Recommended to arrive early around 5:00 p.m.

5 Reasons to Tell Your City Council to Vote Against The Youth Mental Health Protections

1. It is Deceptive

This bill is deceptively called the Youth Mental Health Protection ordinance. If you were serious about protecting the mental (and physical) health of youth, you would ban any life-long altering treatment such as hormone therapy, surgery or drugs to prevent the onset of puberty or natural characteristics of their biological sex. 

2. It Will Reduce the Number of True Professionals

There is already a shortage of mental health professionals in the Cedar Valley. This ordinance would further reduce the number of professionals who could counsel young people with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender dysphoria.

3. It Takes Away the Parent’s Authority

This bill prevents a parent from choosing what they believe is best for their child.

4. It Defies Logic

“Conversion Therapy” is a red-herring. It is a liberal term for any counseling that goes against the woke LGBTQ orthodoxy. 

5. It is an Assault on First Amendment Rights.

It violates the right of parents to act in their child’s best interest and it places the City Council’s political will above the will of the family.

Waterloo City Council Attempts to Force LGBTQ Ideology onto Cedar Valley Children Under the False Label of “Youth Mental Health Protection”: On Monday, February 20th, the Waterloo City Council passed its first reading of a proposed ordinance which has resulted in major controversy. Spearheaded by Jonathan Grieder (Ward 2 Councilman), the proposed ordinance would ban any traditional therapeutic methods by doctors, therapists, or other mental health professionals who would seek to alleviate unwanted sexual or gender-related delusions among young people in Waterloo. As a subtle scare tactic, the bill lumps all forms of therapy (except forms which affirm sexual or gender-related delusions) together under the inappropriately broad label of “conversion therapy.” The bill has been criticized by the city attorney, who advised the Council not to pass the bill. Nevertheless, the Council intends to host a public reading of the ordinance twice more.

The bill slanderously claims that therapeutic methods which do not align with the LGBTQ worldview and agenda are forms of “consumer fraud.” Such various methods, however, have been the staple throughout human history until very recently. This proposed ordinance seeks to make it illegal for any professional to practice in accordance with the traditional, historical view that gender is a biological reality rather than a difference in perception. The bill cites various counseling, psychological, and psychiatric associations as having rejected “conversion therapy,” while failing to note that such rejection is not based on empirical evidence or science, but rather on a Left-wing political agenda to destroy the foundations of gender and family relationships.

The proposed ordinance displays vitriolic contempt for the family unit by robbing parents of the right to seek counseling that they believe best suits there child. Many Cedar Valley parents do not agree with the LGBTQ worldview and agenda, but the proponents of this ordinance desire to remove the ability of parents to determine what kind of counseling would be optimal for their children. Instead, this bill wants to enforce cultish, ideological indoctrination on Cedar Valley parents’ children in the false guise of “acceptance,” “support,” and “understanding.” The proposed ordinance would, if enacted, violate the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The United States Court of Appeals ruled that local “conversion therapy bans” are illegal violations of the right of American citizens, including doctors, therapists, and mental health professionals to speak freely.

Moreover, the proposed ordinance would seek to violate the religious conscience of Waterloo professionals who hold to traditional, Christian beliefs by forcing them to affirm sexual and gender delusions and confusions in their clients, under threat of being sued and fined by the City of Waterloo. The next Council meeting and reading of the proposed ordinance will take place on March 6th, 2023, at Waterloo City Hall, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers, beginning at 5:30 P.M. It is recommended to arrive early. Tell the Councilmembers to vote “No” to the “Youth Mental Health Protection” ordinance.

Based on the broad definition (below) of “conversion therapy,” the ordinance seems it would ban someone seeking professional help or counsel that could discourage them from transitioning genders (and the therapist/counselor could be sued by the city attorney if reported):

“3-12-1: DEFINITIONS: SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY CHANGE EFFORTS, OR CONVERSION THERAPY: Means any practices or treatments that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity, including efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same gender. Sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts do not include counseling that provides assistance to a person undergoing gender transition or that provides acceptance, support, and understanding of a person or facilitates a person’s coping, social support, and identity exploration and development, including sexual-orientation-neutral interventions to prevent or address unlawful conduct or unsafe sexual practices, as long as such counseling does not seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”

If you live in Cedar Valley, what can you do?

-Pray that this proposed ordinance would not be passed

-Get the word out and encourage others to get involved.

-Contact each of the Waterloo city Council members by phone or email to express your opposition. If you live in Waterloo, there are 2 at-large members and 1 ward member who represents you directly.You can still contact the other 3 members of the Council with your opinion.  Click Here to Contact City Council Members.

-Attend the City Council meeting to show your opposition – even if you choose not to speak.

-Speak at the City Council meeting – read the rules in the agenda carefully. 

Who’s on the Council?

➡Jonathan Grieder (Phone: 319-318-2125; Email: Jonathan.Grieder@waterloo-

[Grieder is the Councilman who is spearheading the proposed ordinance.]

➡ Rob Nichols (Phone: 319-214-3190; Email:

➡Dave Boesen (Phone: 319-888-4105; Email:

➡John Chiles (Phone: 319-529-9917; Email:

➡Nia Wilder (Phone: 515-447-6590; Email:

➡Ray Feuss (Phone: 319-290-5082; Email:

“To Empower People to Take Action…”